Axis Glass Partitions & Glass Balustrade FAQ





Is there a maximum size for the glass that can supply?

Axis Glass offers stock size 10mm toughened glass in 14 sizes starting at 2040mm upto 2690mm. The largest stock size 10mm toughened glass panel size is 2690mm x 900mm. Axis Glass offers a Toughened Glass Made to Measure service and as part of this custom made glass service you can order  6mm toughened glass made to order, 8mm toughened glass made to order, 10mm toughened glass made to order and 12mm toughened glass made to order.  The largest size glass panel size that axis glass can offer is 3000mm x 1500mm for any of these custom size glass made to order service. Please note that larger glass panels can be prepared, but will incur an additional charge for non-standard delivery.


What is the smallest panel height that Demountable Partitions stock?

The shortest stock size glass partition panel height is 2040, however custom glass may be cut to smaller sizes.


How long will it take for my glass to be delivered?

Stock Size Toughened glass: For stock size toughened glass orders (glass of a size and specification that Axis Glass keeps in stock – (full list Axis Toughened Glass Stock Sizes) the lead time is within seven days from the time that payment for the order is received.

Custom Made Toughened Glass: For toughened glass orders which are not stock sizes, or toughened glass that requires special preparation (for example toughened glass with drilled holes or Acid etched or Satin Glass) orders must be finalised by 5:00pm on Friday. Order will be submitted for processing at this point, and will be prepared, shipped and delivered within 14 days from that Friday.

NB: You will be notified when we have passed your order to our logistics partners, and will be given a tracking number which may be used to follow your order and determine an order date and estimated time. Please note that our partners are contracted to deliver to the curbside only, and as such you will need to ensure two persons are present to receive the delivery and ensure it is stored safely.  ALL LEAD TIMES ARE A BEST ESTIMATE AND ARE NOT GAURANTEED. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK INSTALLATION UNTIL ALL MATERIALS ARE ONSITE AND HAVE BEEN CHECKED.


Are Axis Glass panels suitable for use outside?

The 10mm standard toughened glass panels are suitable for use outdoors.


I am considering installing a glass partition in my office, what information do I need to provide to get an accurate estimate of the cost of the materials I will need?

To get an accurate understanding of your needs for the glass partition that you want to build, we need to know the height, width and number of walls you wish to install, and the number of doors to be included. PLease send us this information by completing our Glass Partition Price Quote Form. We will then send you a full list of materials you will require for your project. Please also see this helpful article on measuring your office for a glass partition


Can the glass be cut down or altered after it has been prepared?

The glass is toughened glass which means it cannot be cut down or altered in any way once it has been made. It is therefore important that you check final measurements carefully. If our stock size glass partition panels are not  suitable, you can order toughened glass made to measure to any dimensions up to a maximum size of  3000mm x 1500mm. 


Can glass partitions be installed in a room with a suspended ceiling?

Yes, the glass partitions can  be installed where there is a suspended ceiling. To ensure the strength and integrity of the wall, the suspended ceiling may need to be reinforced above the ceiling tiles. This can be done in a number of ways above the ceiling so that there is no visible framework to allow you to acheive a frameless floor to ceiling glass parition.


How do the frameless glass doors function?

Glass door work on a pivot system rather than a conventional wall mounted hinge. The Axis Glass Frameless Glass Door system consists of a floor mounted hydraulic hinge for glass doors  which is fixed on a floor mounted plate. Please note with this system there is no need to make a hole in your floor as with some glass door systems. The floor spring controls the opening and closing motion of the door, and allows the door to be held open at 90 degrees both sides.  Please note that it is very important to use a floor spring to control the opening and closing of glass door as without this the glass door could swing uncontrolably or slam shut cuasing damage or breakage to the glass door. Two metal patches are fixed to the glass door in each corner. The bottom metal patch allows the glass door to be slotted directly onto the floor mounting plate ; the top metal patch attaches directly to the door pivot point and is fixed into the U-channel or directly into the ceiling.

How can I reduce my ceiling height so that it suits standard size panels?

There are a number of ways that you can reduce your floor to ceiling height. For small changes, you may be able to elect to use a taller U-channel. Axis Glass stock a variety of U-Channels which can be used to allow our stock panels to be mounted into any ceiling height bewteen 2050mm - 2750mm. The different sizes stocked, and the difference in ceiling height they are suited to are listed below:

25mm clip in side Glazing U-channel – less than 10mm difference between ceiling height and glass panel height.

24mm Glazing U channel – less than 20mm difference between ceiling height and glass panel height.

38mm Glazing U channel – less than 30mm difference between ceiling height and glass panel height.

50mm Glazing U channel – less than 40mm difference between ceiling height and glass panel height.

75mm Glazing U channel – less than 60mm difference between ceiling height and glass panel height.

Alternately, you may wish to consider fixing timber batten to the ceiling and fixing the U-channel to that. For adjustments still greater, you can think about raising the level of the floor or installing a bulkhead along the ceiling, thereby bringing down the ceiling height.

Axis Glass offers Glazing U channel in 2 different colours





Custom Made Toughened Glass v Stock Size Toughened Glass – explained:

When referred to on this site, Stock Size Toughened Glass means pre cut glass sizes that Axis Glass Partitions currently hold in stock, as opposed to glass partition panels with special size or preparation requirements. For a full list of stock size toughened glass panels is available here.

With regards to stock size frameless toughened glass doors, ‘Frameless Glass doors' , these are are made 25mm shorter than the stock size toughened glass panels so that they can be installed directly beneath the ceiling U channel which is installed around the whole perimeter of the glass partition wall. 

The benefit of using stock size glass partition panels is firstly that they are less expensive for the consumer, and secondly the standard lead-time is half that of custom made toughened glass, at just seven days. 


How much does 10mm Toughened Glass weigh?

Standard 10mm toughened glass weighs 2.5kgs per millimeter per square meter. For example, for 10mm thick glass that is 2m in height and 1m in width = (2m x 1m) x (10 for the 10mm thickness of the glass x 2.5 for the weight per mm of thickness) = 20 x 2.5kgs. So the total weight is 50kgs.

Another example, a 2690 x 450 x 10mm panel -

(2.69 x 0.45) x (10 x 2.5)

= 1.21 x 25

= 30.25kgs


How soundproof are your standard glass panels?

The glass panels significantly reduce noise. While they are not 100% soundproof, they reduce noise by more than enough for regular office purposes. Leaving a 5mm gap between panels and filling with silicone (as opposed to using joining strips) helps to ensure the greatest level of soundproofing. Please see this articel on the physics and other information on the practicalities of how to  soundproof glass partitions in an office environment 


What is the process for installing glass panels? Please see our Installing Glass Partitioning Video

 Mark out and install the U-channel:

-      The first step is to set out the perimeter of the glass partition where the Glazing U-channel is to be positioned on the floor, walls and ceiling. Use a straight edge and a spirit level to check the ceiling U channel is directly above the floor U channel, which will ensure your wall is perfectly straight.

-       If necessary cut the U-channel to size and secure it to the floor, ceiling and walls using flat head screws. Counter sink the screws so they do not protrude above the base of the U channel.

 Lift the glass panels into place:

If using the lift and drop method -

-       Position the glass panel vertically and lift fully up into the ceiling U-channel.

-       Gently position the bottom of the panel in line with the floor U-channel and ease the panel down into it, so that the panel stands, with both top and bottom securely covered by the respective U-channel.

Alternatively, you can slide the panels into place through the opening left for the doorway, or using the clip and go channel hold the panels in place while the clip in side of the U-channel is securely clipped into place.


Position the panels horizontally:

-       Check each panel is level before positioning the next one.

-       A 4mm gap should be left between each panel, Axis glass supply Glass Partitions Joints to easily jopint the glass partition panels together.

-       Check the space left for the door is correct, if this is out by a small amount, you can adjust the panels sitting against the wall with their position in the U-channel.


Insert rubber gasket to hold the glass securely in place:

-       Glass Partition Rubber gasket should be pushed into the U channel on either side of the glass partition panels , this will hold the glass in place using tension and friction. (for each 1m of U-channel, 2m of rubber gasket is required).

-       This holds the glass securely in place and ensures a high quality finish.


Install the glass door:

-       Axis Glass Doors are designed and measured to be fitted directly beneath the Ceiling U channel.

-       The Frameless Glass Door is mounted on a floor mounting plate, which is fixed directly ontop of the floor, there is no need to make a hole in your floor woth this system. This spring controls the motion of the door, and allows the door to be held open at 90 degrees.

-       Fix two metal patches to the top and bottom corners of the hinge side.

-       The bottom metal patch allows the glass door to be slotted directly onto the floor mounting plate.

-       The top metal patch allows the glass door to be slotted directly to the door pivot point attached into the ceiling or U-channel.

-       Lift the door into place and secure ceiling and floor hinges.


Final check and silicon application:

-       Perform a final check to ensure that the U-channel and rubber gasket is holding all perimeter panels securely, and that the door is positioned correctly.




What are your standard Glass Balustrade Glass Panel Sizes


-       Axis Glass stocks two sizes of standard glass balustrade panels.  1000mm x 1000mm Glass Balustrade Panel and 1500mmx1000mm Glass Balustrade Panels.

-       It is most cost effective to try to use as many of these stock size glass balustrade panels as possible and there are anumber of ways that you can adapt the space you have to facilitate using as many of these stock size glass balustrade panels as possible. Firstly the glass balustrade panels do not need to be installed so they are touching each other, as a consequence this allows a dgree of flexability as to how the glass balustrade panels are arranged and the spaces between them can be anything from 0mm upto 80mm. Secondly where your glass balustrade surrounds 2 or more sides of your decking or patio, consider installing your glass balustrade slightly inset from the edge of the decking or balustrade so that the length of the balustrade required conforms to the stock size glass balustrade panels that we offer.  

- Of course in some situations it will not be appropriate to use all stock size glass balustrade panels and so for these circumstances we do also offer toughened glass made to measure service.


-       Using silicon, fill the 5mm gap that has been left between each of the panels, scraping away any excess to ensure a neat, professional finish.


What is the lead time for ordering custom made toughened glass

Do your prices include polished edges

If I need holes drilled in the glass or special preparation for the glass to fit glass door hinges, glass hardware or angluar cut glass can you also do this?